Submit Your CAA Photos

Do you have photos of past CAA conferences? At CAA’s upcoming 50th conference in Amsterdam, we would like to share images from as many previous CAA International conferences as possible. Images received by 31 March may be shown at the conference. Images submitted after that date will be included in CAA’s archives for documenting the history of the organisation and perhaps displayed at a future conference.

What kinds of photos can be submitted?

We are looking for pictures that document CAA International conferences. Pictures can be of CAA sessions, social events, excursions, meetings, or even impromptu gatherings that took place during the conference. Photos showing conference-related activities are best, but general images of a venue, especially with conference signage would also be welcome.

Are there any types of images that should not be submitted?

CAA has been in many wonderful locations, but we are interested in images depicting CAA activities. Thus, please do not submit general travel photos taken while visiting the city where the conference was held. We are also looking for a range of photos, so please choose the best representative image rather than multiple similar ones. And finally, please do not submit any photos that you or someone else might be concerned about being shown publicly. If in doubt, leave it out or contact us to discuss it further.

What are the image specifications?

Photos can be in any standard digital format, like jpg, tiff, or png. Images should be at least 1500 x 1500, although important photos, especially those taken at conferences before smartphones, can be submitted at lower resolution if that is all that is available. Individual image files should be no larger than 10 MB.

The submission guidelines file provides information on the file naming convention to use. And an image would not be complete without descriptive metadata, so we are going to ask for a little information about each photo.

How will my images be used?

We would like to display images of past conferences at CAA2023, although we cannot guarantee that we will be able to show all images received. CAA would also like to maintain relevant images and associated metadata in an archive to document the organisation’s history. CAA will not show any images outside of the context of its annual conference nor publish any images received without first requesting permission from the photographer.

How do I submit my photos?

  1. Download the submission Zip File, which includes a metadata spreadsheet and ReadMe file with instructions.
  2. Fill in the top of the spreadsheet and then complete one row for each image you will be submitting.
  3. Rename images using the naming convention described in the ReadMe file. Then place the images and spreadsheet into a folder and zip it.
  4. Zip files can be emailed, if the size permits, or uploaded to a file sharing site. Please email files or download links to the Membership Secretary at: