Policy on the Use of Member Details


  • To function as a membership organisation, CAA International must maintain an up-to-date membership database.
  • Any personal data included within the CAA International membership database is protected under the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679.



  • A full data protection policy applicable to CAA International, its members, and its sub-committees is available on our Data Protection webpage.
  • Any personal data collected through CAA Membership is processed through the lawful basis of Consent and Legal Obligation (for financial records) and will be held for a period of seven years from the point of registration or renewal.
  • Member details will be only used for business activities that are conducted by, or directly associated with, CAA International.


  • Member details will be shared with CAA national chapters upon request. Only the details of members within the geographical scope of a national chapter will be shared with it and is aimed at advancing the aims and interests of CAA in that particular country.
  • With the exceptions described above, member details will never be sold to, or shared with, other parties external to CAA International.

Mass communication

  • Member details will not be used for mass mailings about events, conferences, calls for papers, news or similar informative notifications, regardless of their potential relevance to the CAA community.
  • Member details will be sparingly used to notify members of CAA International business, and/or to collect information from the membership, such as in the case of voting processes or CAA conference announcements. Any member may opt out of this distribution list by contacting the CAA Membership Secretary or by removing the selection from your CAA Membership Profile.
  • Inclusion within this Membership Database will be for a fixed three-year period from the point of registration or renewal. This falls within the overall seven-year retention policy.

Alteration and erasure

  • CAA will facilitate the rapid alteration of member details upon request of their owners in order to reflect genuine changes.
  • CAA will facilitate the removal of any personal membership details upon request to the CAA Membership Secretary unless the data is essential to any ongoing ethics investigation.
  • All personal details will be removed after a period of three years.