Policy on the Use of Member Details


  • EU data protection regulations (Directive 95/46/EC), as well as ethics, require CAA International to keep member details (including their email addresses) for business activities that are related to CAA International only.
  • CAA International believes that unsolicited communication should be minimised.



  • Member details will be only used for business activities that are conducted by, or directly associated with, CAA International.


  • Member details will be shared with CAA national chapters. Only the details of members within the geographical scope of a national chapter will be shared with it.
  • With the exceptions described above, member details will never be sold to, or shared with, other parties external to CAA International.

Mass communication

  • Member details will not be used for mass mailings about events, conferences, calls for papers, news or similar informative notifications, regardless of their potential relevance to the CAA community.
  • Member details will be sparingly used to notify members of CAA International business, and/or to collect information from the membership, such as in the case of voting processes or CAA conference announcements.

Alteration and erasure

  • CAA will facilitate the rapid alteration of member details upon request of their owners in order to reflect genuine changes.
  • Similarly, CAA will facilitate the complete erasure of member details from their records upon request.

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